Modular RTU

Modular RTU
Modüler RTU Modüler RTU Modüler RTU Modüler RTU Modüler RTU

ELVAC RTUs are devices for a remote control, measurement and data collection in many fields of industrial automation, mainly in the power industry but also in other utilities. The core of the unit is chassis with a bus with optional number of slots (from 2 to 16). The units can be further enhanced through a communication interfaces and they can be cascaded into big systems, which allow to use practically unlimited number of inputs and outputs. From the user's perspective, ELVAC compact and modular RTUs have the same software base and a user interface is exactly the same and compatible. The only difference is in the number of individual interfaces, which are available for the user.
Typical applications for modular ELVAC RTUs ;
Substation control
* Over-head power lines control - in-field switching elements (load break switches/sectionalizers, reclosers)
* Distribution transformer stations control (cable power lines)
* Renewable energy sources control
* Communication converters
* Data concentrators