Compakt RTU

Compakt RTU
Kompakt RTU Kompakt RTU Kompakt RTU Kompakt RTU Kompakt RTU Kompakt RTU

Compact ELVAC RTUs are devices for remote control, measurement and data collection in many fields of industrial automation, mainly in power industry but also in other utilities. As the title suggests, the compact remote terminal units have fixed configuration and minimal installation space demand. Whole system is installed in plastic box for DIN rail mounting and internal architecture has partly modular character, so there are options for communication interfaces and types of analog inputs, which can be made in production process. From the user's perspective, the compact and modular RTUs have the same software base and the user interface is exactly the same and compatible. The only difference is in the number of individual interfaces that are available for the user.
Basic types of compact ELVAC RTUs and their typical applications
* RTU7.4