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Bosh Arke Enerji

Since its patent of the spark plug in 1902, Bosch has invested heavily in research and development. Thus, it can offer a product program that meets high requirements such as less fuel consumption and lower emissions. Thanks to its innovative technology, almost all leading car manufacturers prefer Bosch as the spark plug supplier.
New materials: High-quality alloys, such as platinum, iridium or rhodium, are effective in preventing wear on the spark plugs. The long spark plug shape ensures the precise positioning of the ignition sparks in the area of the combustion chamber.
In terms of technical characteristics, the spark plugs are optimally designed according to the requirements of the respective engine. Bosch spark plugs provide reliable start and high engine performance. In addition, they offer effective protection against low emissions and corrosion. Bosch spark plugs are successfully used not only in road traffic but also in water, industry and rural areas. On boats, heat and power plants, Bosch spark plugs stand out for their premium quality.