Gas Heat Pump

Gas Heat Pump

TEDOM Polo 100 helps the food-processing plants, where permanent need for cooling exists, to markedly decrease the demands for electric energy, especially if this energy is consumed in the cooling process, especially in the summer months when the Gas Heat Pump unit reduces the total electric load during peaks.
However, the Gas Heat Pump can be used also in the facilities with higher demand for heat. Utilizing the heat from its environment, the unit can also operate in highly efficient "heat pump mode". As a result, the effectiveness of fuel utilization rises markedly while the operation costs go down.

TEDOM Polo 100

Cooling power

up to 136 kW *

Heating power (with exhaust gas heat)

up to 250 kW *

Gas consumption

142 kW **

Electric input

1.7 kW

COP (coefficient of performance)


Effective refrigerants (according to particular application)

R407C, R507, R134a ***

Heating water temperature (condenser side)

up to +75°C

Heating water temperature (engine side)


Chilled water temperature

down to -18°C

Operating temperature

-10°C to +45°C

Unit weight

1 530 kg

Dimensions (width / height / length)

0.8 / 1.8 / 2.3 m


indoor / outdoor

*) the GHP unit's performance rates always depend on adjustment for particular application and selected refrigerant type

**) gas consumption always depends on required output temperatures at the condenser / evaporator side

***) TEDOM GHP unit is usable with three types of refrigerant (according to its application)