Medium Voltage Switching Devices

Medium Voltage Switching Devices
Dribo Dribo

 The scope of business activities includes the production and sale of electric apparatus (disconnectors, load-disconnectors, circuit breakers), switchgear systems and the related MV components (for 6,0 kV to 38,5 kV voltage level). In addition, the company is involved in the comprehensive delivery of remote control systems for outdoor installed apparatus and switching stations. These devices can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  Providing high reliability by DRIBO, load separators have been providing operational safety in the world market for many years. DRIBO, spol. s r.o. is holder of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. The quality level of material used and care exercised in the production process guarantee low operation and maintenance costs in the future.
   All switching devices and switchboards supplied are of simple and robust design, which provides for their high mechanical resistance and long service life, while keeping to high reliability of functioning. DRIBO guarantees its product's reliable and maintenance-free operation for the time period of 10 years.

Outdoor circuit breakers

Circuit breakers GVR Recloser - Hawker Siddeley Switchgear

Outdoor load disconnectors with oil-based arc quenching chambers

Fla 15/60 N - new designs

Fla 15/60 - basic design (assembly into powerline)

Fla 15/60 GB - load disconnectors for assembly bellow powerline

Fla 15/60 GB R - universalloaddisconnectorsforassemblyintoorbellowpowerline

Fla 15/6400 andFla 15/6410 - load disconnectors for vertical assembly

Fla 15/6400 AE - smart load disconnectors for vertical assembly

Fla 15/6410 SA - fuse load disconnectors for vertical assembly


Fla 15/97 - basicdesign (assemblyintopowerline)

Fla 15/97 GB - load disconnectors for assembly bellow powerline

Outdoor load disconnectors with arcquenching horns

DRIBO Flb - basicdesign (assembly into powerline)

Outdoor load disconnectors with spring-based arcquenching mechanism

Flc N - new designs

DRIBO Flc - basic design (assembly into powerline)

DRIBO Flc GB - load disconnectors for assembly bellow powerline

DRIBO Flc GB R - universal load disconnectors for assembly intoor bellow powerline

Outoor load disconnectors for another line layouts

Fl.. P - loaddisconnectorsforPařát (bird-safe) powerlines

Fl.. IZV - loaddisconnectorsforinsulatedpowerlines

Fla D - loaddisconnectorsfordoubledpowerlines

Outdoor disconnectors

FTr - disconnectors

Flr - disconnectorsformountingwithintherange of thelinespan (newdesign)

DRIBO Flrm - disconnectorsformountingwithintherange of thelinespan

DRIBO Fls - disconnectorsforassemblyand service groups

Outdoor switches for railway lines

Outdoor switches for railway lines

Outdoor fuse bases

PS 25 and PS 38 - fuse bases

PSO 25 and PSO 38 - fuse bases with surge arresters